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The Rise of the Interim Executive is the first book to unlock the Interim Executive marketplace for executives. It provides insights, guidance, tips and case studies to help you proactively explore if being an Interim Executive is right for you and, more importantly, if you have the right mindset for it. 

Drawing from their experience in global Interim Executive Search, Jacinta Whelan and Caroline McAuliffe offer a simple framework based on three fundamental principles (Environment, Executive, Experience) to give you the tools to navigate the challenges and achieve success in the next phase of your career.

If you are a senior executive thinking about ‘what next’ for your career, what new opportunities exist and how to craft a longer, more fulfilling lifestyle, The Rise of the Interim Executive, A Guide to Navigating your Success is for you.”


  • The Rise of the Interim Executive

  • The Future of Work

  • The New Executive Environment of the 2020s

  • The 3E Framework

  • Section 1: The Environment

  • Section 2: The Executive

  • Section 3: The Experience

  • Myth Busting

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