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Jacinta and Caroline are seasoned Executive Search Consultants specialising in Executive Interim appointments, with 35 plus years combined experience in the industry across the world and more recently in Australia.

As pioneers of the Interim Executive business model in Australia they have designed and developed a successful, career model/option for Executives who want to work beyond their permanent career and fund a different lifestyle, on their terms. 

This business model also presents Australian organisations with the opportunity to transform, grow and change by harnessing the strength of this still under-utilised workforce. 

The Interim market is a new offering that captures the opportunity to tap into a trusted workforce to deliver turnaround, change and critical management mandates for organisations across Australia in a highly flexible, project-based way.

Drawing from their experience in global Interim Executive Search, Jacinta Whelan and Caroline McAuliffe offer a simple framework based on three fundamental principles (Environment, Executive, Experience) to give you the tools to navigate the challenges and achieve success. 

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